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Products | Bath care

Dr. Hummís Shower-BLINK
is a special cleaning agent for all sanitary surfaces, with an acid-free lime remover, extremely effective care components and protection components for metal surfaces. It is perfect for shower partitions and removes lime deposits. It cleans and cares shaped profiles, plastics and glass. Shower-BLINK is also suitable for cleaning baths and shower trays and coated surfaces which are sensitive to acid.

Dr. Hummís Bath BLINK
is a system cleaner for hygienic cleanness. It is suitable for all plastic, aluminium, chrome and enamel surfaces and profiles. Like the acrylic care agents, the system cleaner is also suitable for regular bath cleaning because it removes lime residue in the neutral pH range using ion-exchangers.

Dr. Hummís WC BLINK
A cleaner for all ceramic WCs and urinals. I f used regularly, it removes urinary calculus and lime, thus maintaining shine and providing hygienic cleanness.

Dr. Hummís BLINK Urine Scale Remover
The ecological BLINK-Urine Scale Remover is a cleaner for the remove of urine scale and other disturbing deposits in the toilet or in urinals. Despite its strong cleaning power it is especially soft to surfaces.

Dr. Hummís BLINK Tube Cleaner
BLINK-Tube Cleaner clears choked up drains, siphon and tubes. If you use it steady, it prevents blockades and unpleasant smells.

Dr. Hummís BLINK Trio
is an universal cleaner and care for fittings, shower partitions, kitchen sinks, sun-tanning benches, glass ceramic tops, tiles (also of marble), plastics, aluminium, chrome and enamel surfaces.

BLINK sealer
BLINK Sealer with the Lotus-Effect is suitable for all glass and acrylic surfaces. It affords at repeated usage, a long lasting water and dirt-deflecting film on the surface and additionally it cares and protects shower partitions, tills, ceramic and glass panels.

Dr. Hummís BLINK Mould Remover
The BLINK Mould Remover eliminates mould on almost each surface very good. For example: silicone gaps, shower curtains and partitions, tiles, walls and wallpapers. It also removes very good algas, moss and germs from doors, walls, window seats, garden furniture and so on.

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